Mary’s Youth Shootout
April 2 & 3, 2022
Tournament Rules

PARTICIPATION: All participants must be members of USBC prior to entry. An athlete may enter in the tournament more than once as long as space is still available. $30 Entry Fee ($25 Entry Fee if you re-enter). Current Airport Lanes Youth Bowlers receive a $10 Discount.
ATHLETE EXPECTATIONS: Athletes are required to check-in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to bowling in proper bowling attire. Refer to the USBC dress code below for proper attire. All athletes must be present at the start of game 1. Tardy athletes will receive zeros for any missed frames. Athletes should be ready to bowl when it is their turn. A delay in game could result in the athlete receiving zeros for any frames missed.
DRESS CODE: No halters, tank tops, or head apparel will be permitted. Shorts, skorts, or skirts must be longer than your fingertips when placed by your side. All pants will be worn at the waist level with no underwear or bare skin showing. Refer to the USBC dress code for proper attire.
DIVISIONS: There will be 3 average-based divisions: (1) Open Scratch (any average), (2) Classified Scratch (179 averages & below), and (3) Handicap (160 averages & below with handicap being 90% of 200).
FORMAT: Qualifying will take place on Saturday, April 2nd with squads beginning at 10AM, 1PM, & 4PM. Each qualifying squad will bowl 3 games. Athletes have the opportunity to re-enter for a reduced fee. The top three bowlers per squad per division and the top 25% of bowlers from Saturday will advance to bowl on Sunday (all ties for last advancing positions will also advance with no roll off required). All finalists will earn scholarships! Sunday Finals is 4 games (scores carryover). Top 8 per division bowl in a one game single elimination bracket. Ties for the 8th place bracket cut or for any round during the bracket will be determined by a 9th & 10th frame roll off.
AVERAGES: Athletes competing in the Classified Scratch or Handicap divisions will use the first qualifying average from the following list:
Highest Current Average as of January 1, 2022 (minimum of 6 games)
Highest 2020-2021 certified final average (Winter or Summer Season) Minimum of 12 Games
Athletes with none of the above averages must bowl in the Open Scratch division.
SPORT OR CHALLENGE AVERAGES: All Challenge and Sport leagues must be reported and the tournament director will adjust these averages according to USBC guidelines. The tournament director will verify all averages and youth directors must review entry confirmations. Contact the tournament office if there are any questions. Average Conversion charts have been formulated for athletes who ONLY have an average on sport or challenge conditions. These charts can be found on The athlete is required to convert their average bowled on sport or challenge conditions to a standard condition utilizing these charts.
SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS: All awards will be given to one out of four (1:4) entries. In case of a tie duplicate awards will be given in accordance with USBC guidelines.
TOURNAMENT GUIDELINES: Scores will be written neatly and correctly on score sheets. Scores are unofficial until verified by the Tournament Staff. Athletes are responsible for their own scores. Any appeals or protests regarding scores or eligibility will be reported to the Tournament Director immediately. The Tournament Director should be made immediately aware of any problems with automatic scoring or lane issues. This is a USBC certified tournament and all rules will be in compliance with USBC Guidelines.
USBC: All other rules not covered above will be determined in accordance with USBC rules